Callery Borough Meeting Minutes
Regular Monthly Meeting
January 7 , 2013

The Pledge of allegiance was recited.  Everyone was reminded that the meeting was being recorded.
The Regular Monthly Meeting was called to order by Edward Conway at 7:00 pm and a roll call was done.
Members Present: Edward Conway (1 Meeting 2013), Rose Wirtz (1 Meeting 2013), Al Wirtz (1 Meeting 2013), Robert Dugan (1 Meeting 2013), Judy Conway (1 Meeting 2013), Mike Brandl (1 Meeting 2013), and Duane Cerra (1 Meeting 2013), and Edward Aschley (1 Meeting 2013).
Members Not Present:

Visitors: Former Secretary/Treasurer, Mrs. Alice Wahl.

Meeting minutes for the December 3, 2012 meeting were reviewed and changes, if any, were noted.
Motion to accept the minutes:  Duane Cerra           Second:  Judy Conway
A vote was taken and the motion carried.

December 28, 2012 Special Tax Collection Meeting were reviewed and changes, if any, were noted.  Motion to accept the minutes:  Duane CerraSecond:  Mike Brandl
A vote was taken and the motion carried.

1.Road foreman Robert Feil reported that the Borough and Road Crew are aware of the curbs that are in need of repair.  That is something that they plan to do this summer.
2.Mr. Feil reported that the newer employee, Michael Gates, has been training on the plow and backhoe preparing for the snow season, and he feels he is ready to go.
3.Mr. Feil reported that the new truck has gotten stuck plowing this season which brings up the issue of tires.   The ones on the truck are not going to be adequate for the season, and Skander Tire has offered to do an even exchange for the tires we have to the next grade up.  This would provide the Borough truck with a more aggressive tread at no additional cost.
Duane Cerra noted that no commercial vehicle can have recaps on the drive tires.
4.Mr. Feil requested that the Board consider getting chains for the new truck for the icy conditions.  He was unaware of where to purchase or even how much a set would cost.
Council member suggested he secure three bids per Purchasing Procedures and check with Hunter's Supply, Walsh Equipment or possibly the Commercial Goodyear Store in Cranberry.  Skander Tire may even be able to assist.  Then turn the documentation in and let the Secretary/Treasurer know that you went with the lowest bid.
5.Mr. Feil additionally requested Council's approval to purchase a new Flashlight.  One that is brighter and more adequate.  The current one is over 12 years old. 

PA One Call Labor Rate:
Mr. Conway stated that there is an issue to be addressed with the Road Crew being brought out at odd times to do the PA One Call Inspections.  Sometimes they are only for 15 minutes to a half hour and that is not sufficient monies for the inconvenience.

After much discussion, Duane Cerra made a motion to pay a minimum call-out of 2 hours @ the employees hourly rate for any PA One Call Inspection.  If the inspection lasts longer than the 2 hour call-out, the employee will then be paid their regular pay rate per hour.  This is in concurrence with the Police Department's court pay schedule.  Mike Brandl seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.

After additional discussion and Council expressing their displeasure with the truck tires at the time of purchase, a recommendation that the Attorney be consulted and possibly be put in contact with the tire manufacturer.

Rose Wirtz questioned a previous issue with a cutting saw.  Mr. Feil reported that so far they have just been looking and have not found one as of yet.

Rose Wirtz commented that she feels with the expense of the saw it needs to be explored extensively about renting or purchasing a piece of equipment that is only used a few times a year.  Secondly, this type of purchase should have been presented to Council at Budget time and all department's should get into that budgeting practice.

Al Wirtz made a motion to accept the Road Foreman's Report.  Judy Conway seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.

President, Edward Conway read a letter to council respectfully requesting that they accept him stepping down as Council President.  He has respected, honored and enjoyed working with the members over these past eight years.  No matter who follows him as President they will need all the support, respect and patience you have afforded me.  I will always be available for the town people; However I no longer feel I have energy or the health to give guidance to our town that I once had.  I feel a younger more aggressive person should lead us into the future.  Again thank you for this opportunity.

Mr. Conway suggested that it be posted immediately that there is an opening for two positions on Council that need to be filled.  Mr. Conway will remain on Council until new members can be secured so as to not leave Council without a quorum for meetings.

Mrs. Judy Conway made a motion to appoint Duane Cerra the new President of Callery Borough Council.  Rose Wirtz seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.

Mr. Conway reported that the Re-Organizational meeting was held last year as required. Rose Wirtz stated that the re-appointments should be done annually.

President Duane Cerra stated that with Judy Conway also stepping down, appointments should be made to the committees she represented.

Rose Wirtz suggested that a notice should be posted about the open council positions and until they are filled all committee nominations should stay as they are.  However, everyone should be  reminded of what committees they agreed to sit upon at the Organizational Meeting in 2012.

Duane Cerra affirmed the following Committees:
Police:Ed Aschley & Rose Wirtz
Street:Mike Brandl & Duane Cerra
Sewer:Al and Rose Wirtz
Zoning: Judy Conway & Robert Dugan
Water:Judy Conway & Robert Dugan

Rose Wirtz reminded Duane Cerra that as President, he represents all of the Committees.  However, with Duane already sitting on the Street Committee, an additional person needs to be appointed as that only leaves Mike Brandl.  Mr. Robert Dugan volunteered to represent the Streets Committee.
Rose Wirtz then made a motion for 2013 to re-appoint the following:

Solicitor:Thomas L. Smith
Engineering Services:Michael Baker Jr. Inc.
Code Enforcement Officer:Mr. Leyne Lockhaiser
Sewage Enforcement Officer:Colleen Martin Berg
Plans Examiner:Mr. John Nath, PCS

Rose Wirtz also affirmed that the Fee Schedule shall remain the same for 2013.

It was noted that there has been no response yet from, Mr. George Hancher Solicitor for the Zoning Hearing Board.

Mrs. Judy Conway seconded the re-appointments.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.

Rose Wirtz questioned Chief Watts about the Emergency Management Coordinator position.  Chief Watts stated that the Borough and Department have received Emergency Management Packets from the Co. and that he himself has been standing in and attending all of the meetings and training sessions.  It was discussed that someone contact Mr. Ed Gnoth to determine if he is still interested in holding this position.


Mr. Conway reported that the Borough is currently working off of the $52.00 per year LST Taxes collected this past year.  There is an $18,000 balance to be used as working capital until the 2013 Taxes start coming in.  Then that balance will be divided between the Police Department (3/4) and EMT (1/4).  Former Secretary/Treasurer Alice Wahl stated that those amounts were for just the year 2012.  There will not be that amount for 2013 because the pipeline workers are no longer here.
Rose Wirtz questioned the amount paid from the General Fund to the Tap in Fund in the amount of $3,838.00.  Mrs. Wahl reported that it was General Fund's portion of running the building.  Council will also be seeing monthly the $300 equipment rental charges paid from the Tap in Fund that will be deposited into the Equipment Savings Account.

Mrs. Wahl also reported that the savings account for the Act 13 Capital Reserve Fund has been opened.

Rose Wirtz made a motion to approve bills paid after the last meeting and those coming due prior to the next regular scheduled meeting, as monies become available.  Judy Conway seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.

Everyone received a copy of the police report which included an annual statistical report from Chief Watts' time of hire in 2005 through 2012.He reported the month of December was quiet and he wanted to thank Jeff Lollo, Robert Feil and Mike Gates for doing such a good job during the two winter storms in December.

Chief Watts noted that all end of year reports have been completed.

Chief Watts reported that interviews were conducted for a new officer last month with himself, Ed Conway and Mayor, Ed Aschley and it is recommended the candidate to hire is Christoper Kopas, who is here with us tonight.  He came highly recommended from many sources and Chief Watts feels he is the right man for the job.  He is committed to stay on board with Callery Borough. 

Rose Wirtz made a motion to hire Christoper Kopas as the new Patrolman for Callery Borough.  Judy Conway seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.

At this time Chris was introduced to the Council and Mayor Ed Aschley Swore him into office.

Motion to accept the police report: Rose Wirtz.  Second: Al Wirtz.
A vote was taken and the motion carried.

There was some discussion about plowing and some curbs being damaged.  Everything else was covered in the Road Foreman's Report.

Motion to accept the street report: Al Wirtz.  Second: Rose Wirtz 
A vote was taken and the motion carried.

Ed Conway reported that the Sewer Bill this month was just a million gallons.  In the Spring the Borough still needs to identify the pipes and water runoff with a dye test.

It was noted that nothing new has been reported from Evans City Borough as of yet.

Motion to accept the sewer report:  Al Wirtz.        Second: Mike Brandl. 
A vote was taken and the motion carried.

Mr. Conway reported that there are a couple of items pertaining to zoning that have been turned over to the Solicitor that he will report on at next month's meeting.

Motion to accept the zoning report:  Judy Conway        Second:  Rose Wirtz
A vote was taken and the motion carried.

Duane Cerra stated that there are no breaks which is a great thing at this time of year.

Al Wirtz made a motion to accept the water report. Second: Judy Conway.
A vote was taken and the motion carried. 


There was no correspondence to be brought before Council.


Resident Informative Letter
Mr. Conway reported that there is a letter going out to the residents that is very informative.  The letter informs residents of the status with Evans City and the Sewage Issues at hand; 2012's projects completed and tasks accomplished.  Mrs. Wahl also noted that the letter also contains information on the current Tax Collector Issue.

Tammy L. Baumgarten, Secretary/Treasurer informed the Council that Seneca Valley School District contacted the Office today and reported that Solicitor Smith had forwarded a copy of the resolution appointing the Borough tax collector and they are content with that appointment and do not wish to have an audit of the records. 

She also reported that she has her meeting with Butler County on the Final Tax Settlement tomorrow, January 8, 2013 at 9:00 AM.

Mars National Bank Tap In Fund CD Renewal
Renewed for a period of 3 years to mature on November 26, 2015.

Motion to accept Old Business:Judy ConwaySeconded:  Robert Dugan
A vote was taken and the motion carried.


Uncollected 2012 Real Estate Taxes
Rose Wirtz made a motion to exonerate the Callery Borough Tax Collector of 2012 Uncollected Real Estate Taxes as indicated on the Report of Total Taxes Returned presented to Seneca Valley School District, Callery Borough and the County of Butler.  Mike Brandl seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.

As there was no additional items to be brought before Council, Mike Brandl made a motion to adjourn.  Robert Dugan seconded.  A vote was taken and motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Tammy L. Baumgarten

Accepted Feb 4, 2013